Family: Completed

I felt the need to share this from my family blog. It’s one that’s very important to me (not so much sarcasm and jokes here, sorry!) but it’s pretty graphic and real when it comes to the bits of childbirth. And it’s crazy long. I hope you enjoy!

Grider Gossip

It’s terrible, really, that I haven’t posted in nearly a YEAR! Especially since we have a new baby in the family and all! So, in light of my lack of time I’m posting the birth story of our most recent addition to the family. I’ll try to get in photos later as well. This is a very personal journey for me and if you are bothered by private parts or “hospital things” I recommend you skip it. This story makes me feel empowered and amazing, so as you can imagine I adore it.
The story of my VBAC would not be complete without first understanding the story of my first birth, which was vastly different than this one. So here it is:
The Birth of Olivia Susan:
I’ve been putting off writing this in it’s entirety for 31 months now for several reasons: one is that it is really…

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