Mama isn’t allowed to get sick

So about 5 days ago I woke up with the familiar clogged nose, heavy head and sore throat that indicates I’ve got, yet again, another sinus infection. I get them a few times a year thanks to how badly I treated my body when I was younger (that’s a story for a completely different blog…)

My doctor’s one of those new wave people who won’t prescribe antibiotics for anything that might be viral for a minimum of a week. I get it, too many antibiotic prescriptions, creating the super bug, drug resistance, yadda yadda and I honestly agree with. I also know my body, however, and know that I need antibiotics and waiting the requisite seven to ten days to “see if the body clears the virus on it’s own” will simply result in bronchitis, as it does at least twice a year. So I did want any reasonable adult would do.

I lied.

Yup, I’m a terrible, horrible person. I’m also a mother of two small kids, who also nannies three other children, for whom childcare is a joke on the best of days and an impossibility most others. So when I managed to snag an awesome childcare trade for today (the day I had a follow up appointment with my doctor anyway) I went to see her and told her that my symptoms had started three days before they actually did. Look, I can’t come back again in two days — there’s just no way. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that.

She she’s doing my exam (after already telling me she’d write me the prescription – SCORE!) and she looks in my throat, listens to my lungs (which sounds terrible, of course. I’ve got broken blood vessels around my eyes and nose from all the coughing) and lastly, checks my ears. As she does so, she makes the seemingly innocuous comment “I always check ears to feel like I’ve finished the exam, but it’s exceedingly rare to find problems with some one of your ag….” and she slowly stops speaking. “Oh. Well that’s unusual.”

Thinking I’ve got baby poop or some kind of leftover toddler snack crammed in my ear drum I say, “What is it?”

“You have a severe inner ear infection. Have you been dizzy?”

Only for the last five years, I think. Instead I say, “Yes.”

“Wow. You really need to take it easy. I’m going to write you for a stronger antibiotic.”

“Okay, Doc. Don’t forget I’m still breastfeeding.”


….she pauses…

“Well in that case, it’ll probably be longer before you feel well but there’s only one antibiotic that I’m comfortable writing you, and it’s not as fast acting. And it’s not cheap.” (Sidenote: I have no health insurance, so of course this is the case.)


So it turns out that I am 31 years old and have a horrible ear infection. Of course, I still have to come home, take care of three children, clean my house, and quietly chuckle to myself about the instructions the doctor emphasized: eat really healthy, nap a lot, get some rest, drink a lot of fluids, enjoy some hot tea, and go to bed early. (I have a fleeting memory that these were all the things I enjoyed before I had children. 😉 )


Oh well. Time to call in the Daddy brigade.


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