Cloth Diapering (Part 2)

Types of Diapers:
Pocket diapers with removable inserts are great because they are very customizable. You can use whichever inserts best suit your baby or your current needs. For example: a baby that’s a heavy wetter may require a layer or two of hemp while a smaller baby may need microfiber which absorbs very quickly and leaves baby’s bottom feeling drier. Most can be washed and dried in commercial machines without any difficulty at all. Baby’s needs often change and grow with them, and the pockets are great because you can add/switch the inserts to make them useful for almost every stage. (Popular brands: Happy Heinys, Fuzzibunz, Thirsties, Kawaii, BumGenius)
All-in-One diapers are great for those moms that are always on the go and simply don’t have time to stuff a lot of diapers, or for childcare providers who are feeling anxious about using cloth. There’s no stuffing or matching required, the diaper is all one piece and is easily applied to baby without any more difficulty than using a standard disposable. These diapers do take a bit longer to launder and dry as they are more absorbent and one piece. (Popular brands: Grovia, BumGenius, Totsbots).
There has been an evolution to All-in-Two systems, which are similar in concept but have two pieces, one of which typically snaps into place (Popular Brands: Grovia, Best Bottoms)
Prefolds (or flats) and covers are a great, often overlooked option for cloth diapering your little one’s bum. They do have a slightly higher learning curve at the beginning but with a little bit of practice you can be folding them in your sleep! These diapers are by far the most cost effective option even once you factor in the cost of requiring covers. One cover can be use for multiple changes as long as it remains dry and unsoiled and keeps the cost ofcloth diapering much lower. Prefolds are also “bullet proof” in terms of laundering. Stain removal and ammonia build up are the most easily dealt with in this system of cloth diapering. (Popular brands: Green mountain, Osocozy, Bummis, Flip, Thirsites)

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