Day Drinking

This conversation actually happened between two moms that I know via facebook. Their identities have been changed to protect them from CPS. And you.

(Not me): Dude we should be day drinking the way we are posting

(Not a friend of mine): lol I try to avoid day drinking because it makes me sleepy

(also not me): it only works if you can KEEP drinking, you know, to a BAC of like 0.3 when you pass out. So you know, totally feasible because you live in a frat house are are independently wealthy.

(again, no one I know): right… but then I’m the drunk bitch stumbling to the bus stop to get my kid in the afternoon

(someone other than myself): HAHAHAHAHAHA. Nice. That will totaly be me. Next year.Except I’ll be walking to the school. So I’ll be the drunk bitch AT the school. Why did we have children again?

(another person’s friend): I ask myself that question daily.


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