A lot of beers

We’ll just pretend that this conversation didn’t start with hangover poop and jump in midway.

Me (to my husband): You didn’t really have that much of drink last night, though…?

Husband: I had two whiskeys and two beers. It’s a lot more than I normally drink.

Three year old pipes in with: Two beers plus two whiskeys is four. That is a LOT OF BEERS, DADDY.

Do we feel pride at her early math skills or chagrin at being judged by our toddler?

The world may never know.


One thought on “A lot of beers

  1. Yeah well ever since I bought my hubs a flying dog md shirt my kids (5 1/2 & 3) can now recognize the symbol and name and it is so awesome when you’re at a restaurant and they go “look, it’s flying dog… you love that beer!” Awesomesauce

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