“My Mama’s Vagina…”

So, we’re back to the (now) four and a half year old who is (yes, still) obsessed with vaginas (and penises, and boobs, and butts…..the list goes on and on).

The preschool my oldest attends is an fan-freaking-tastick Unitarian Universalist cooperative. This means that all the parents participate in the program as classroom aids in lieu of hiring an assistant. It’s a very cool, cost effective way to have a closer hand in your child’s early education. (if you’re local to Frederick check it out: http://www.frederickuu.org/circleoflife )

This also means that you become really close to the other parents in the program, so when your daughter announces (at snack, with all the students, teacher and volunteer present) that “My Mama’s vagina has curly hair ALL over her vagina. There is a LOT of it. A lot.” you get a text immediately informing you of this interaction…..


The problem is, she’s right. I need to take care of some landscaping.


3 thoughts on ““My Mama’s Vagina…”

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