The Truth About Santa

After my last post (unintentionally) bashing Santa’s helper elf, I felt it important to clarify my feelings about Santa.

That I know he’s real. And his heart is huge. And, while he (and his non-shelf elfs) create toys – that’s not the biggest importance of his magical, mystical figure.

I couldn’t quite find the words.

So, per usual, I borrowed them.

This letter is the truth of it, and what I will (and have) told all my children whom I adore more than I adore myself.

Just read it. It’s worth your 5 minutes. It’ll continue down the stories that we tell our children and those that we love — forever, in infamy.

Such a great letter, full of so much truth.

Share it with everyone, please. They all deserve to know.

The Truth About Santa:

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