Yes, this crunchy, hippie, DIY mama recipe has both the words “badass” and “magic” in the title

…..I believe all sprays that rescue my children from the hands of humidity should be magic. (Mine. they are MY hands. I am a “first world problems”, turns into the ANGRY bug-blatter beast of traal and will lash out at the closest thing – living or otherwise – when in the throws of my misery, ends up on the 6 o’clock news kinda gal.) 
[There will be more here – just not yet. So enjoy this whilst the rest is under construction/revision.]

Cooling bug repelling, aromatherapy, badass magic spray recipe!


I use exclusively DoTERRA oils for all my essential oil needs and purposes so I only am speaking of their effectiveness and smells as it pertains to DoTERRA. (No, I don’t sell them, shut up!!)

Oils of the bug repellent variety:

  • Melaleuca – 5 drops (⅛ tsp)
  • TerraShield – 15 drops (⅓ tsp)**

Oils of the cooling/good smelling/happy braining variety:

  • Lemon, citrus bliss or peppermint – 10+ drops (¼ tsp) *
  • Lavender – 5 drops (⅛ tsp)

½ cup cooled boiling water (90* is about right)

1 cup crushed ice

6 tsp rubbing or grain alcohol or witch hazel (yes, vodka is perfectly acceptable, but who wants to waste it?!! Actually, yes – poor your self 2 shots of the liquor of choice. Drink them as you prepare this. You will feel cooler and like your children more)***

12 oz spritzer bottle (amber glass or dark plastic)****

Immersion blender (preferred) or standard blender



Boil about 1/3c of water allow to cool for approx 5 – 10ish minutes; I have this theory that putting oils in water that is too hot can disrupt (and therefore render ineffective) oils

Add oils

Shake thoroughly; pour into spray bottle  (funnel recommended!) 

Take 1 cup of ice and blend to “snow cone” consistency (immersion blenders are awesome for this step!) 

Use funnel to fill up spray bottle with crushed ice (the handle of a wooden spoon helps to smash the ice down through the funnel)

Shake, shake shake before every use

Refrigerate when possible.


Spray lightly from a distance of 6-8”, avoid eyes, nose, mouth, open cuts, et cetera.

Fine mist(s) dry and cool much better that soaking a small patch of jeans.

Use sparingly at first, especially on face and hands.

This is of particular importance with children, those with sensitive skin and or sense of smell, and new users,

  • Testing a small area of skin on an individual’s stomach or back initially and waiting a minimum of 30 minutes prior to taking a bath and/or drinking this new mist (or any topical substance) is a good common sense practice that we follow. \
    • (This aforementioned practice is completely unrelated to a certain ICU nurse mother who, post slathering her 4 year old daughter [diagnosis: dermatographism] with a new substance, had to deal with resulting chaos/pain/cortisone shots/”hilarity” that ensued…)

Once all allergies/reactions have been ruled out, lather, rinse, repeat, cool, enjoy!*****

Annoying, entirely too long, rambling, notes re: this

*I have NOT used (nor will I test) peppermint oil. It’s a stronger smelling oil, so ~ use that uckyness smelling/oil at your own risk!

**I find the mosquitoes here (Frederick, MD; DC Metro area) need a higher concentration for effectiveness, but that could just be me (most things are).

***The alcohol/witch hazel disperses essential oils more evenly (when shaken – they will separate out between uses) while prolonging fragrance and effectiveness. Witch hazel can be easier on sensitive skin, however, alcohol dries faster for the cooling effect

****My kids want to the spray the world (and drink) this (expensive) substance as it is in a spray bottle. I recommend having additional bottles/water/spray toys with (!!!free!!!) water ready to go as a (“lame” per my not quite 4 year old) substitute

****Dark, amber bottles (read: glass) are recommended to protect the integrity of essential oils, however, bear in mind they are not recommended for freezer (or in kitchens with ceramic tile) use. Also not recommended for my children to ever touch outdoors. Or indoors. Or ever. Seriously, like ever.